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Over 3,000 Turkeys Killed by Bangalore Bird Flu

The sanitation work at the state-run central poultry development organization, where the deaths of turkeys took place, is now in progress. CPDO authorities are trying to verify other sources, apart from blood, which are capable of carrying the virus. Sanitation work has been taken up at the turkey unit and the cleaning is expected to be completed within the next two days. Authorities have issued a red alert notice around the poultry area after bird flu deaths were confirmed. 

Karnataka Animal Husbandry Minister Ravi Naik Belamagi said that 25 teams were set out to check traces in other birds and an alert notice has been issued to the forest department as well. The high security animal disease lab at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh confirmed the death of 3,400 turkeys at the poultry research centre due to bird flu few days ago,” Belamagi said. “We have deployed 25 teams of rapid response teams in 10km radius to check traces of the deadly virus in other birds and alerted the state forest department to observe any change in the migratory birds and crows,” he added. Meanwhile, the state government has banned the sale of eggs and chickens in the 10-kilometre radius of the poultry farm. Although no case of bird flu has been reported in Bangalore, the city was put on high vigil due to the mounting garbage problem.

Published on :: Jun, 2014

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