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    32nd AGM of Poultry Federation of India as witnesses by HIND POULTRY.

    Annual General Body Meeting of Poultry Federation of India concluded on 23rd December 2021 at hotel Pullman in Delhi.

    Attendees' point of view it was a grand success  where over 375 delegates attended the meeting. it was also equally successful from the point of view of PFI office bearers where they could convince the gathering that PFI had done several things for the poultry fraternity from fighting cage ban issue, promoting protein in india and is capable of doing more in future also. Speakers point of view it was moderately successful, where talk about soy by Mr. Pawan was thought provoking whereas Nandu's presentation could well promote the Nandu's concept of retailing of eggs and chicken. Mr. Suresh Rayudhu, managing director Srinivas Group and chairman of IEC infused the confidence by his speech.

    Government official could also well inform the schemes for poultry development.

    It was also brilliant to see the respect given to sponsors of the event by presenting mementos in early hours of event and not at the fag end.

    The towering efforts of PFI in  inviting Minister Parshottam Rupala ji for this meeting was highly appreciable. PFI had given a huge opportunity to our industry to make use of this platform to put the problems of Poultry industry before the minister. Dais was also well lit by the presence of Mr. Bahadur Ali- Managing director IB Group, Mr Balram Yadav- Managing director, Godrej Agrovet, Mr. Ranpal Dhanda,  Mr. Ramesh Khatri, Mr Ravinder Singh Sandhu, and Mr Ricky Thaper.

    Concluding session started with short and sweet welcome address by Mr Ranpal Dhanda, Pointed problems of Poultry industry by Mr. Ramesh Khatri.

    Speech of Bahadur Ali, managing director - IB Group started with courteous thanks to policy makers, Industry out look specially the role of integrators and then one by one, politely but firmly putting the problems of our industry before the Minister was well applauded.

    At the end of the speech of Mr Bahadur Ali gathering was of great hope that the minister's speech will acknowledge the problem and announce some concessions.

    But some how one of the presentations during concluding session stunned the gathering when it was felt that in front of minister we as a poultry industry were projecting ourselves as a divided lot with contradictory statements.

    We are totally agreed of our shortcomings and need of keeping our house in order, we also agree that we are to introspect and work towards bridging the gap between demand and supply of raw material, we also agree that we will have to work more towards increasing egg and chicken consumption but can we afford to agree on one issue that whether it was a right platform with right timing to speak on few of these issues especially when minister was sitting on dais to listen our problems.

    On the turn of policy makers Mr. Ashok Thakur seemed to be sympathetic towards our industry and PFI's efforts towards the welfare of poultry industry.

    Speech of Minister of Animal Husbandry, fisheries and Dairying Mr. Parshottam Rupala ji was riding well on the long rope given by us.

    loving vote of thanks by Mr Ricky Thaper and later beautiful cultural program arranged by organizers were of course icing on the cake.

    In conclusions I can say that PFI is capable of providing such platform time and again but poultry industry need to use such platform for collective benifit for the people of our poultry fraternity.

    Post Date: 26 Dec 2021