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    poultry farmers showing the sign of recovery as the prices of both Eggs and Chicken are seeing the upward trend.

    After suffering heavy losses for months together, there seems to be something to rejoice for the poultry farmers as the prices of both Eggs and Chicken are now seeing the upward trend.
    Eggs are sold at over Rs. 5 per piece whereas Broiler chicken is now being sold at close to Rs 280 per kg. forcing consumers to reduce consumption of their favourite non-vegetarian items.
    Increase in chicken feed and wholesale price, rise in demand due to the wedding season and drop in supply has led to the rise in chicken prices. Some varieties like Vanaraj and other country chicken are even selling at Rs 300 per kg. We feel that the price of broiler chicken will touch Rs 300 and egg to somewhere Rs. 6 a piece in the next few days.
    “Mutton was already out of bounds as the prices have crossed Rs 800 per kg long ago. Chicken is the main source of protein.
    In the last week of April, broiler chicken was being sold at Rs 200 to 220 per kg, but the price has increased to Rs 250 to 280 per kg. Eggs were sold at as low as Rs. 4 per piece.
    “Prices have increased steadily in the past few weeks mainly due to the steep rise in chicken feed, high petrol and diesel prices, shortage in production during summer. Demand for chicken has increased due to the wedding season also but short supply has also contributed to rise in prices,” 
    Poultry farmers says that the prices of chicken feed and medicines, soya meal, corn, vitamins and amino acids have increased substantially overburdening them, especially small farmers. Many small farmers are selling out chicks before they are fully grown leading to shortage and price rise.

    Post Date: 21 May 2022