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    Surge in feed costs and steep cut in production resulting in Sharp increase in prices of broiler chicken across the country - Writes m. k. Vyas

    Chicken prices have shot up sharply across the country with the poultry industry witnessing a steep cut in production induced by a sudden surge in mortality of the birds with the onset of summer. A good part of the production cut is also attributed to the increase in input prices and culling of birds. The average price of chicken meat has now increased up to ₹215-240 a kg over the past few days.

    Farm gate price of live chicken has also increased currently to over ₹130 to nearly ₹160 a kg  This has resulted in prices in the retail market witnessing a sharp increase.

    Mr. Suresh Chitturi, Chairman and Managing Director of Srinivasa Hatcheries and Chairman International Egg Commission (IEC), says that “Due to high mortality rate Production has come down by at least 15-20 per cent. The mortality rate, which would be close to 6 per cent in the summer, has surged to over 12 per cent, resulting in the short supply of the birds in the market.” He further said that the farm gate price at ₹148 a kg is probably the highest so far. “It is not going to come down for few more weeks.

    Ricky Thaper, Vice president Indian Broiler Group and treasurer, Poultry Federation of India, said,“Currently live bird at the farm gate is selling at an average ₹125 a kg in north India and is expected to touch ₹135 a kg very soon.

    Hind Poultry feels that the increase will help recover the losses to some extent, but cause of concern for the poultry producers is that Poultry feed prices, which have jumped sharply in last three months. “A live bird requires 1.6-1.7 kg feed and increasing of feed cost directly affect the profitability of poultry producers. Further many small poultry players in Maharashtra have also  stopped production as prices of soya and maize have turned chicken farming non remunerative.

    According to sources at the Poultry Farmers and Breeders Association production costs have gone up so much that small poultry farmers are unwilling to go for further placement of chicks.

    Post Date: 09 Mar 2022