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    Effective way to enhance farmer income and alleviating the incidence of protein deficiency in the vulnerable group through Rural Poultry Farming in India

    Backyard poultry is an important source of supplementary income and nutritional security for poor households across the country. Backyard poultry, a traditional system of poultry keeping is a part of livestock rearing practiced by rural folk since time immemorial. It is type of organic farming with no harmful residue in egg and meat and advantageous and provides supplementary income in shortest possible time with very minimum capital investment. Poultry rearing is simple in operation and ensures availability of egg and meat even in remote rural areas.

    Backyard poultry widely accepted by the rural people is characterized by small flock size consisting of small number of birds predominantly non-descriptive birds maintained in extensive system . Rural poultry farming also provides high quality protein and supplemental income to the local population. Adapting the Rural Poultry Farming in backyards of rural households can ensure the availability of eggs and meat in rural and underdeveloped areas; which will help in alleviating the incidence of protein deficiency in the vulnerable group (Women, Children, expectant mothers etc.).

    The native chicken varieties adopted in free-range backyard conditions for centuries is nearly 8 percent of total egg production in our country . The growing demand for indigenous poultry products and low investment in back yard poultry sector provides opportunity for the rural farmers.

    Backyard poultry farming is a profitable business among rural and landless families in India. It mainly involves low investment and yields high economic returns, and can be easily managed by women, children, and the elderly. Meat and eggs from such poultry birds are inexpensive and rich protein sources.

    Post Date: 08 Feb 2022