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    Poultry and Livestock Exhibitions: current trends shows that there is no substitute for face-to-face marketing and exhibitions in poultry and livestock industry. Writes m. k. Vyas

    The Poultry and Livestock exhibitions in-person events all over the world has experienced many changes in the past twenty two months, including adding virtual exhibitions. The pandemic has presented many opportunities to develop new ways to engage. 

    In last 22 months many poultry and livestock exhibitions resulted in cancellation and postponements of most of the events and exhibitions. Now the time has come when organizers will have to be a bit courageous to go for conducting the exhibitions in person. Organizers must remember that Exhibitors and visitors are now looking for in person poultry and livestock exhibitions and events in different part of the world.

    Organizers of exhibitions will now have to change their mindsets. To measure the success of the exhibitions, organizers must not rely only on the footfall or number of exhibitors.

    Post pandemic few digital exhibitions conducted by VIV were attended by HIND POULTRY whereas exhibitions in person by SPACE 2022 at Rennes in France and VIV Abu Dhabi in UAE was closely watched. 

    It was observed that while attendances were comparatively less of the pre-pandemic numbers and the number of exhibitors was also less, clients agreed that the quality of attendees was improved. With smaller crowds, the time between demos could be longer, meaning that the sales teams were able to spend more time discussing products and services with individual attendees rather than having to quickly move forward to the next demo. Sales team also felt this these exhibitions helped them to further qualify leads on the show floor rather than later during post-show follow-up. Visitors were also satisfied and did not feel themselves as apart of the crowd in exhibitions. This must be seen as a confidence building developments for organizers where pre pandemic era the success of any exhibition used to be measured by footfall or the number of exhibitors participated.

    As we all know the use of exhibitions for exhibitors is as a strategy to meet marketing or brand objectives and their targets are becoming increasingly global. Participating in the exhibition is usually guided by an enterprise’s marketing plan and forms part of its strategies for achieving marketing objectives such as increasing brand awareness on the market or launching a new brand. Sometimes an enterprise’s management decides to participate in an exhibition not because it was part of the marketing plan but because they feel that it can help them to achieve certain marketing goals which were not originally planned. The whole idea behind participating in exhibitions is to meet customers who can buy your brand at the event or prospective customers who will buy your brand in future. 

    The reputation of exhibition organizers is very important when deciding which exhibition to participate in. The more reputable an organizer is, the higher the chances of a successful exhibition. Generally, exhibitions organised by associations viewed as better than those organised by commercial entities. The organizers who are exclusively working to conduct the poultry or livestock exhibition is also an equally good option.

    So let us welcome 2022 with renewed energy to be part of poultry and livestock exhibitions as an exhibitor or as a visitors, but let us not forget that supply and demand drive pricing and availability so many material prices have increased and as such when planning the budget for poultry or livestock exhibition, be sure to allow for higher costs. Leisure travel is increasing along with business travel so the demand for hotels and flights are rising.

    Watch Hind Poultry for upcoming poultry and livestock exhibition in line for the year 2022 and 2023.


    Post Date: 22 Jan 2022