Auspicious Karthika month takes toll on poultry farmers as rates crashes due to lower consumption.

Kartik mass is now inching towards its end and poultry industry is hopeful of picking up the consumption but so far Poultry farmers across the country are facing severe losses after sudden fall in chicken prices. Many farmers are selling chicken in the open market at a lower price to avoid huge losses. Karthika mass is considered very auspicious in our country. Hindus believe that one should practice non-violence during this month and stay away from eating non-vegetarian food.As a result, consumption of chicken, mutton, fish and other non-vegetarian food fell all of a sudden. Chicken which cost Rs 295 per kg on November 5 has plummeted to Rs 190 per kg.

“Chicken price remained stable for last three months. Consumption also increased after Covid-19 second wave as people preferred protein-rich food. Sale usually comes down in Karthika month by 30 per cent. But we are witnessing abnormal fall in prices this year but it is becoming tough for poultry farmers to bear the expenses of feeding them. It usually costs Rs 160 per kg for live birds at farm, but we are getting only Rs 110 per kg now,” Poultry farmers are looking at Government to intervene and announce subsidies for poultry farmers to help them recover from the losses.

Poultry  markets in most of the cities are witnessing a deserted look even on Sunday due to the impact of Karthika maas.

Meanwhile, chicken shops and eateries selling non-veg dishes are offering huge discounts to attract the consumers result of which Chicken prices fell significantly but still there is no encouraging response from buyers. Poultry farmers hope that everything will be normal from the next month when the consumption will again pick up.

Post Date: 03 Dec 2021