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    Workshop on feed requirements for live stock sector at hotel Avasa, Hyderabad

    Today workshop on feed requirements for live sector: Opportunities and challenges being held in Hyderabad at hotel Avasa.

    The Indian livestock market is reported to be of value more than 900 billions and is expected to grow at the rate of 6 percent during 2021-2026. Feed requirements for poultry sector itself is close to 28.4 MMT and is expected to be close to 30 MMT by 2025. The rise in feed demand is also resulting in shortage of supply and increasing in price in India.

    Maize is used by Poultry breeders in combination with soyabean meal as the source of protein. These are required to fulfill minimum nutritional requirements requirement and determine the cost of compound feed. This has also affected the competitiveness of the Indian Poultry sector in international market.

    Mr. Suresh Rayudu while welcoming the guests put forth the reason and need to conduct this seminar.

    Post Date: 12 Apr 2022