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    With rising Demand Chicken Rates Surge In Hyderabad. As per chicken dealers record 50 lakh kg chicken sold in Hyderabad In a single day.

    The chicken prices in Hyderabad are at a record level. Usually, the chicken process will come down in Summer as the hens get killed due to extreme heat or the temperature, and there will be a lack of chicken supply.

    Summer is meant for the wedding season, but due to a slew of weddings and functions, the demand for chicken has risen up.

    The price of skinless chicken is Rs 310 per kg in the retail market. The price will be high in slum areas. Chicken with skin is being sold at Rs 260 to Rs 280.

    The prices have been varying for the last two weeks. The chicken is being sold for an average of 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs per day. Last Sunday, 50 lakh kg chicken was sold in Hyderabad, informed the chicken dealer association member.

    Post Date: 10 Jun 2023