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    Broiler chicken price shoots up in Kerala despite a government bid to increase its production in the state, sold at 150 per kg

    The price of broiler chicken continues to soar in Kerala despite a government bid to increase its production in the state. At various outlet chicken is sold at 150 per kg. There has been an increase of Rs 40 in a month, market sources say. At Rs 150 per kg a buyer has to shell out at least Rs 100 more for a dressed chicken as one fowl often weighs at least 1.5 kg.

    Chicken consumption has spurted as most eateries, bars and restaurants are open and following the conventional working hours after most curbs on public activities and commercial centers have been lifted with the decline in COVID-19 cases

    Around mid-2021 too broiler chicken price had gone up considerably as the state emerged from a major lock down over the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Then poultry farmers reasoned that the price went up following the dip in inflow of poultry farm chicks from Tamil Nadu hatcheries and the increase in production cost. The COVID-19 pandemic and lock down had limited the inflow of chicks from the neighboring state.

    The price of chicken feed also had increased manifold last year — going up from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,200 in two months. Thus the production cost of raising a chicken increased from Rs 80-85 from Rs 110.

    Post Date: 02 Mar 2022