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    Suresh Rayudu Chitturi, Managing Director, Srinivasa Farms inaugurates their Sales office at Lucknow.

    Suresh Rayudu Chitturi, Managing Director, Srinivasa Farms & Venkat Rao, Business Head Layer Business, inaugurated their Sales office at Lucknow at 114-B, Highway Plaza, Udayan II, Raebareli Road, Lucknow, UP on 25th August 2022

    Srinivasa Farms opened this office to further the partnership and commitment to the Farmers of this region. Suresh has also promised to setup a laboratory, strengthen the technical team and organise good quality feed for our farmers.

    Omkar Verma, General Manager is in charge of UP, Bihar, Uttarakhand, West Bengal & Assam.Prominent Farmers who attended inauguration & meeting afterwards.Mr VP Singh, Dr Subhas Jaiswal, Mr. Mohd Saif, Mr Omair  Abbasi, Mr Mohd Aakif, Mr. Mohd Nayaab, Mr. Mohd Nazim & Mr. Wasi Ul Hasan, 

    After the Inauguration, the farmers had a discussion with Suresh. Points discussed included future of the industry, high feed cost due to increasing ingredient cost, low realisation prices of eggs, and various factors influencing the farmers. Suresh then shared with the farmers how Hy-Line W 80i will save them upto 0.50 ps per egg. (i.e upto Rs. 225/bird).

    Existing Srinivasa Hy-Line Farmers shared how their decision to take this bird is supporting them even at these times by reducing production costs significantly 

    1. Lower mortality during rearing (approx 2%) and laying period (approx. 6-7%),

    2. Lower Feed intake upto 25 gms which is saving about 0.50 ps per egg compared to competitor breeds.

    3. Dr. Jaiswal shared one of the aspects he was impressed is the Superior Shell Quality of Srinivasa Hy-Line bird which were grown in peak summer, did not loose shell quality at the age of 100 weeks was very good and he decided to test the birds further to see when does the quality degrade to the competitor bird he reared earlier. He was surprised that the shell quality was strong till 140 weeks (without moulting) and then started going down which he used to get at 60 weeks in the competitor bird.  

    4. Farmers who have Srinivasa's birds also shared how they get 97% saleable eggs (54 to 60 gms).

    Suresh ended the meeting by asking the farmers to focus on maximising the performance, since there is no such thing as cheap feed cost anymore. Truly extracting the Genetic potential of W-80i is the only way to produce eggs at the lowest cost with the added bonus of getting highest saleable eggs with unmatched quality.

    Post Date: 27 Aug 2022