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    Demand for Chicken including value-added meat products like chicken nuggets and sausages rises as consumers look to increase protein intake amid a third wave of Covid-19.

    As per market trends available for consumption of Non-vegetarians food, it is noticed that Non-vegetarians have increased their chicken consumption to twice a week on average from once in 10 days earlier, as they look to increase protein intake amid a third wave of Covid-19. Demand for value-added meat products like chicken nuggets, sausages has also surged since December end as a high-protein diet is recommended to speed up recovery from Covid-19 infection and to boost immunity From the last week of December it is observed the surge in chicken consumption despite prices going up due to high input costs.

    Healthcare specialists have also vouched for rich protein intake and chicken being an excellent source of protein, it has become a staple diet for consumers across age groups. Packaged meat has also witnessed a growth as younger customers prefer and opt for safe and hygienic components. Production costs have also increased slightly in the last few months because prices of major poultry feed maize and soya have increased almost 50% and 80%, respectively. We are also seeing remarkable jump in sales of frozen food segment since the beginning of the New Year over the previous month.

    There has also been an increase in e commerce deliveries and modern trade, whereas sales in general trade have been lower due to the third wave. One of the main reasons for the surge in consumption of ready-to-cook and value-added foods is the convenience factor, there is low involvement in terms of time and effort taken to prepare the meal.This convenience factor has come as a major relief in the ongoing third wave as people are spending more time at home and many who had started going to office are now again working from home once again.

    Analyzing all the indications Hind Poultry feels that this trend in consumption will continue and there will also be upward correction in the overall prices of chicken. 

    Post Date: 04 Feb 2022