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    Melina Bonato, R&D Manager at ICC addresses the concept that ICC has been standing out as a reference about immunonutrition and other factors affecting the health and performance of the birds.

    The Convention Center of Camino Real Hotel, in the city of Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia, was the scenario for PANA 2022, a technical meeting organized by Seminars PaP – ITESO Agriculture that is held every two years to promote a discussion of advanced and current topics among poultry professionals from Latin America, professors and other distinguished professionals in the sector. 

    Representing ICC, Dr. Melina Bonato, Research & Development Manager at the company, shared her knowledge and brings details about the event: “It is an advanced academic course which includes a wide range of aspects related to animal nutrition. It is promoted by ITESO and dedicated to poultry professionals who are currently working in the market and have extensive experience in the area”, highlights Melina. 

    In total, the expert gave three classes on March 22, all involving related topics: “Influence of nutrition on the immunology and intestinal health: Immunonutrition”, “Main challenges of intestinal health: The microbes that cause most of enteric infections in poultry”, and “Strategies to reduce the use of antibiotic growth promoters and the use of feed additives in poultry diets”.

    “It was rewarding to be part of this meeting. More than 150 professionals attended the event and ICC could share topics that are current and relevant to the poultry production chain. The activities in a class format allowed us to have an in-depth understanding of the discussed topics and also generated positive interactions among the attendees. The immunonutrition class raised the greatest interest since this is a broad topic which includes various areas of knowledge and virtually all factors affecting the health and performance of the birds. And it is precisely for addressing this concept that ICC has been standing out as a reference”, adds the speaker.

    About ICC – Founded in 1992, ICC is a company specialized in natural additives for multispecies animal nutrition with administrative headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Post Date: 14 Apr 2022