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    At Chr. Hansen, Quality is everywhere

    When quality focus is a priority for a company, it sets the tone for the whole business. The drive for quality infuses every part of an organization and everyone has a role to play. With many industries,  quality is also an essential part of safety. This certainly holds true for global bioscience company Chr. Hansen. 

    It was back in the late 1970s that Chr. Hansen first began to investigate whether its bacterial know-how could be used in animal farming. Building on its core bacterial competencies, the company wanted to expand into new industries beyond dairy. To do this, a separate company called “Chr. Hansen Bio-systems” was created to start researching, developing and selling new innovations within Animal Health & Nutrition (AH) as a new niche segment. Products were developed and launched – some successful, others not so much – as the company struggled to find its feet. 

    Over the years, “Chr. Hansen Bio-systems” got a stronger and stronger foothold, understanding the industry and its challenges, developing innovative solutions with proven results. And so it was that in 1999, Bio-systems was finally integrated into Chr. Hansen to become a fully-fledged part of the Chr. Hansen portfolio. Today, Chr. Hansen is world leading in bacterial solutions for animals.  

    Chr. Hansen’s Pilot Plants also play a central role in its R&D value chain as they help deliver fast and safe, state-of-the-art biotechnological development processes; a prerequisite for robust production of commercial cultures. 

    Post Date: 29 Sep 2021