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    Indian Poultry Industry needs to address the consumer on priority as Japanese plant-based meat company plans to enter Indian market

    As Mr. Balram Yadav, Managing Director of Godrej Agrovet had cautioned during the CLFMA symposium in Hyderabad about the entry of plant based meat products in Indian market and need for Indian poultry producers to think and act very seriously about this challenge.

    Report reaching us says that soon Indian poultry industry will encounter a new competitor for its egg and chicken products i.e plant based meat as Tokyo-based Company Next Meats is all set to enter Indian Indian food-tech market to launch meat-free alternatives with the motive to priorities uncertainty in food production. 

    The company, which is listed in the American Stock market, aims to provide a series of delicious servings for their Indian consumers. Next Meats, which is making its debut in Indian market is planning to expand its product assortment by introducing plant- based cakes, vegan cheese, tuna, egg and soya milk especially for their consumers in India. The company is also planning to have their online retail presence in five cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai.

    Ryo Shirai, founder of Next Meats said that "now we know we can’t shift our global eating culture of meat-based diets overnight. But if we focus on delivering the best tasting plant-based products, we believe it will lead us to a future where people will make a choice that is better for them and our planet. As India is the biggest consumer market in the world. We are excited to cater our Indian consumers,”

    It is note worthy that in India, plant based meat is available in Ready to cook form under affordable price range of Rs. 200 per 200 g pack, half the price of US plant based meat. However, based on commodity price, the price difference between conventional meat sources such as Chicken, mutton and plant based meat in India is only Rs. 30/kg. Soya, textured vegetable proteins, isolated soy proteins, pea protein, and mushroom are the key plant-based ingredients mix used by these companies to attain mutton, chicken and fish-like texture. Recently, companies are exploring new source for plant meat such as Jack fruit which is not rich in protein content as compared to soy, pea but has demanding texture as pork meat. 

    Post Date: 05 Jan 2022