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    Rising Chicken Prices in Andhra Pradesh- Losers are both consumer and producer. Remedy is to take advice of poultry consultants to manage the heat stress and mortality.

    Chicken prices in the Andhra Pradesh have started rising sharply following scarcity of birds in the market. Price of dressed broiler chicken crossed the rates of Rs. 300 per kg in local markets which is an all-time high in the state. It is set trend  that Chicken prices usually increase during this time because mortality rate of birds increases in summer resulting in shortage of supply.

    As mercury touched the higher mark, mortality rate also increased significantly. Due to high temperature mortality rate is as high as 15 to 20 percent. Poultry farmers never experienced such a situation in the month of March in past. They are trying hard to save the birds by arranging coolers and cool roofs. But it is also resulting in increasing the cost of production.

    On the other hand, many farmers discontinued poultry farming in the last three months as the price dipped to 165 per kg in December 2021. “Cost of investment on feed and medicines also increased in the last three years. Poultry farmers feel that a minimum price or 180 per kg on live bird is required for the poultry farmer to sustain. Many farmers discontinued poultry farming after retail prices fell . After the price hike, many farmers are now eyeing to restart poultry farming,” anticipating higher return.

    TO overcome the losses due to onslaught of summer poultry producers must take the advice of poultry consultant and proper treatment.

    Post Date: 14 Mar 2022