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    Rural women in Rajasthan transforming COTTAGE POULTRY INDUSTRY through Livelihood Schools.Trend has only strengthened during the COVID pandemic. - writes m. k. Vyas

    Women from rural areas in Rajasthan (Schools) who are skilled now revolutionizing the face of backyard poultry farming through 'Livelihood Pathshalas (Schools)', according to a release by the state government.In these pathshalas (Schools), women are being trained and educated and also helping them associating with the business.

    Self-help groups are being skilled and facilitated for establishing livelihood pathshalas (Schools) as a local source of support for the women.These Pathshalas (Schools) in addition are facilitating services such as de worming, vaccination, mineral mixture, Azolla making, and primary treatment of the livestock. The trend has only strengthened during the COVID pandemic as a supplementary source of income among women of several remote villages and more than 6000 families across the state have been associated with the process. These Pathshalas (Schools) have especially been successful in empowering rural women from less educated and financially weak families. A better understanding of poultry farming helps to overcome the challenges of infection and other issues.

    While the veterinary services are being made available at the local hospitals of the State Animal Husbandry Department, the Pathshala (Schools) education is helpful in preventing the occurrence of diseases and assuring a healthy stock. The Rajasthan Grameen Aajeevika Vikas Parishad has emerged as a catalyst in the process and associating rural women with poultry and several other cottage industries through self-help groups.

    "In rural areas, while there are limited sources of income, the women with the additional responsibility of the household are often unable to travel for work. Various efforts are being made by the state government to help these women discover additional sources of income and cottage poultry farming has emerged as a successful model.

    "The cottage farm-bred chickens are preferred by several people in comparison to the major farms; also the eggs of these hens are often able to draw a premium price as 'Desi' egg. The state government is also working towards providing better marketing venues for such women and helps them to become financially independent."

    Post Date: 25 Jan 2022