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    Poultry Federation of India (PFI) elects Mr. Ranpal Dhanda, Sanjeev Gupta, Ravinder Singh Sandhu and Mr. Ricky Thaper as President, Vice President, Secretary and treasurer respectively.

    Annual General Body Meeting of Poultry Federation of India was conducted on 23rd December 2021 at Hotel Pullman in New Delhi to elect new office bearers and Zonal vice presidents and Managing Committee members. Mr. Ranpal Dhanda was elevated to the post of president who in his opening address thanked all the members of PFI to give him the responsibility to carry forward the work for the welfare of poultry industry. Mr. Sanjeev Gupta was elected as Vice President (HQ)and Mr. Ravinder Singh Sandhu was elected as the secretary. Mr. Ricky Thaper will continue to be the treasurer of PFI

    Mr Mr. Ramesh Chander Khatri who had been very active for all these years as president of PFI was nominated as Chairman, PFI Working Group whereas Mr. Neeraj Srivastava was nominated as Chairman, Technical Committee. To have a wider representation for Poultry Federation of India from across the country following persons were elected as Zonal Vice president and Managing Committee members from different zones

    Name of the Zonal Vice Presidents

    Vice – President, North Zone, Mr. Praveen Kumar

    Vice – President, South Zone , Mr. D. S.  Subramaniam

    Vice – President, East Zone, Dr. Pawan Kumar

    Vice – President, West Zone, Dr. Sujit Kulkarni

    Vice – President, Central Zone, , Dr. Dinesh Kumar Arora

    Name of the Managing Committee members 

    Dr. Jeetendra Verma, Dr. Kapil Manwal, Dr. D. K. Dey, Mr. Rahil Somjee, Mr. Mohan, Mr. K. Shekhar, Mr. G. S. Cheema, Mr. Selvan Kannan, Mr. Sukhminder Singh, Mr. Ashok Seth, Mr. Dinesh Arora, Mr. Sameer Patel, Dr. Vijay Makhija, Dr. Devender Hooda and Mr. Deepak Mukhija

    Post Date: 31 Dec 2021